After 4 years work, the grand opening!

So, American opened on 11 screens last Friday to great attendances and a packed Q&A event at Curzon Soho – thanks to all the Shooters who joined us, it was a very special night with great support from the wonderful Sheffield Doc Fest, who presented the event as part of their DocDays tour. The Q&A was by our friend Hussain, and we also managed to get in a lovely phone call with Steve Hicks.

Also present was Charles Brand, Bill’s exec producer and the man very responsible for bringing Bill to the UK, who gave some wonderful insight into what Bill was like in England, and the TV show they greenlit just before Bill died. The Curzon bar was filled till closing time with friends and many wonderful stories…

We are delighted to be holding over in 7 screens, plus opening in 5 more (Bradford, Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool and Norwich) today!

The totals currently in mean we are the 19th most successful documentary theatrical release of the last two years, and we are opening in more cities the next two weeks, so looks like it could go higher than that.

Over the weekend, we did Q&A’s at the lovely Everyman cinema on Sat and then the Ritzy Brixton on Sunday, and the best thing for us is always those people who come up to us after the screening with a slightly wide eyed look and say “How can I not have heard of this guy before?” This is why we made the film in many ways, to reach people who had maybe not had a chance until now to discover Bill.

Kermode in Cannes

The next day, Mark Kermode who we spoke with on Friday does his BBC News 24 round up live from the Croisette about films out this week, and from maybe 8 or 9 possible choices, reviews Robin Hood, Lebanon and American (“one of the best films around, if you get the chance to see it you must!” Heres Mark’s report from Cannes;


(PS. Extra from the 5 Live podcast on Friday. At the end, Simon Mayo asks what is their Movie of the Week and Mark answers “American’ – Simon hesitates and asks if he didnt mean Robin Hood? Nope says Mark. Its great, check it out:


More updates to follow…

American The Bill Hicks Story opens in Bradford, Leicester, Manchester, Norwich and Liverpool tonight, and is still playing at several West End venues and in Scotland and Ireland – do check it out of you get the chance!


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  1. I can’t wait to see this!! WHEN will it be available or playing on a large scale in the states? I’m in LA but I don’t remember getting an email about the LA shows….. :( Is it not possible to announce yet when it will be available in the states? I can’t seem to find any definite info. I’M JUST REALLY ANXIOUS TO SEE IT! I LOVE BILL !!! :)

  2. This was a great bio on Bill!
    I love Bill!
    He changed my life..

  3. I love Bill, he’s a hero of mine I discovered him after he had passed. Every chance I get I tell people about him a man after my own heart. Will this be released in the U.S.? I’m still not convinced they didn’t kill him. I survived speaking out on an open mike after 9/11 at a local college just barely. And how much threat was a 46 yr old woman. Thank you Sharon Stuhlmiller

  4. I look forward to seeing it. It needs to have a big US release.

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