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These YouTube clips are a mixture of well known material and rare footage. These are not clips featured in the film (we want to save some stuff for you), they are just great examples of Bill at work, doing what he did best.
(Nb. we have put some well known bits at the top for those new to Bill looking for an introduction. If you are an aficianado, scroll down the page for some rare treats!)


Bill despairs of UFO’s -from his breakout performance at Just For Laughs, Montreal, July 1991


Marketing and advertising – Bill’s classic bit from Revelations Nov 1992


Bill’s classic bit on smoking from Sane Man 1989.


‘Drugs have done good things for us’ from One Night Stand 1991


Bill from Rascal’s Comedy Club 1988 – Reagan’s in the firing line.


‘Wolves know it!’ from Dirtiest Dozen 1989 (rare)


‘You’re children aren’t special’ from Austin Oct 1993


Drugs and evolution from Revelations 1992


Dennis Miller show clip – TV style…from 92

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  1. Bill Hicks…
    Talk about a beutiful mind!
    Wish I had one like that.

  2. I agree with the last, bill is great before i saw his works i felt these feelings that a lot of things are just not right. then i saw him and it solidified what i feel. whenever i am down and a little low a piece of his work i will remember and i laugh and realize i was taking life seriously.

  3. Bill Hicks. America’s ONLY Enlightened Comic.

    Bill has not left us, dear One. From your comments, he is very much alive, in each one of us. Our collective consciousness has risen greatly due to his valiant courage, not selling out and in keeping his head while all the others lost theirs.

    The light that burns brightest cannot be extinguished.

  4. Ah shit, can’t wait to see this! Hicks died way too young. As much as I love Carlin, Hicks got him beat. He just always seemed a bit more “into” it.

  5. In days like these we need a man like hicks, Its a shame that he is gone but threw us all he can live on forever. “We are all one continuousness experiencing itself subjectively”

  6. bill is so much more than a comedian, he was so before his time, i wish everyone understood bill hicks like we all do!!!

  7. Bill Hicks are still one of the very best comedian world have ever seen, and the reason why is because he told the truth. He din’t do what hes preventiveness did whit telling jokes that wasn’t right.

  8. Dear Bill – wherever you are and whoever you’ve become,
    I want to play from my fucking heart… just like you did. I want to love all yet be unrequited… like you were. I want to die unheard and unloved by those you were trying to uplift… just like you did.

    You were a REAL soldier… and this soldier is crying watching you, hoping that when he’s called out to face the lions, he’d just smile, love them and make them laugh as they end his act…. just like you did.


  9. Bill planted seeds that are still growing today.

  10. I too am one of those poor souls who feel completely off the bandwagon of the corporate machine and its mindless followers (most people) and only learned of Bill and his very enlightened take on the “system” until fairly recently — His work is fantastic stuff – And the best part is, everything he had to say then is still very relevant today — Cheers Dude

  11. Bill has been my mentor and idol for many years. I was living in Austin when he preformed at the Laugh Stop but unfortunately did not learn of him till after his death. I was in college at UT and one day a fellow classmate told me about the funniest comedian she had seen the previous night. She told me that the comedian talked about taking acid and on acid him and friends were confused when the car said “the door is a jar’. I am not one to remember jokes but I remembered that one finding it quite funny. It wasn’t till years later that I realized that it was Bill my friend had been blessed to actually see perform in person. In 1994 my ex husband and I moved to Peurto Rico. A friend from Austin actually mailed his One Night Stand video to us because he thought he was so funny. I was sad to learn he had already left this earth before I even knew of his existance. Through the years I have grown to love him more and more and appreciate so much what he has to say. He thinks exactly like i do. I think I have asked every body I know if they have heard of Billl Hicks. Not many people I ask have and I always tell how he is my mentor and hero. I give away any dvd or cd I have of his because I want to spread his word. What he says never goes out of style. He is truely a classic and a prophet in my eyes. God Bless You Bill.
    Thank you for what you have done for me in my life .

  12. Bill you’d have so much ammunition today, you would be an absolute shit hot superstar, rule the world even, which you was beginning to do. I’m completely gutted your not around to see some of the things you’d love to rant about! Your my messiah I can watch you every single night and fall asleep to your hurricane story telling! Much love to Mary, Steve, Kevin and John I always watch your interviews on SANE man!


  13. bill hicks, one of the biggest minds i’ve ever heard… somehow he inspires me to continue he’s work but in my country… the words he use, carefully chosen to be said at every monologue just amaze me… hopefully i would be half the man, the mind, and the comedian he was…

  14. as it’s been said before: “american fucking hero!”

  15. Being a younger being myself, I missed Bills hey day. But I have done what I can to catch up with all of his videos and interviews. Its hard to find an entertainer (I dare you to try) that can compare to his integrity and conviction.
    Bill had the gift of digging through the pain in life and exposing its roots. Not only that, he also provided answers on how to rid our selves of the crushing forces of apathy and oppression. From Bill I learned that our best defense in this game is to laugh at our captors because with that we can never be truly caught.
    It always brings me to tears when remembering the short life of this great man.
    Thank You Bill

  16. Bill changed my life. His comedy taught me the importance of enjoying and laughing at life. His thinking changed how I thought. He was for me a true agent of evolution. I lived in America for 4 years and just had to remind myself of Bill’s wisdom and it became much more bearable and much more understandable.

    America needs another Bill Hicks or to be aware of its greatest son. Right now it’s country killing itself because without someone like Bill it has no heart.

  17. Am thrilled to see this doc has been made and that Bill Hicks continues to inspire. He is even more important in these times than ever, so his work continues to resonate because is speaks the truth without varnish. I only wish he were alive so i could hear his commentary on our post 9/11 brand driven world. Thank you Bill, you truly inspire so many.

  18. his words inspired me spiritually more than any preacher or self-help guru, which i find incredibly funny considering my “ride”.

  19. i love angry comics. bill hicks could have you laughing your ass of and and in the same breath, tearing youre heart out in anger. i learned a long time ago that if you really believe in showing people the truth, you have got to stay angry. just imagine what he would of made of the g.w. bush years. some people hang around for years then they die, having done absolutely nothing, others like bill seem to hit the ground running,knowing they dont have long, just getting enough out there for the momentum to catch on then he goes and dies on us. like a good performer he leaves us wanting more. maybe those of us who got his message should make sure everyone hears it ,one way or the other!
    and yeah bill, you were my fucking hero too !

  20. Cant wait to see this film. Bill was (and to me IS) such a talented and important comedian and person. I agree with literally everything he says and was amazed to discover that this guy is saying in front of everyone what many of us are too scared to say but he does it anyways regardless of what the audience thinks and I respect that. I still listen to at least one of his albums once a week and im glad to see his buddy Kevin Booth making quality documentaries.
    Bill, we love you and miss you tremendously, I cannot properly express myself in words as to how important this man is. Everyone should squeegie their third eye and open their ears because what Bill is saying on that stage is far beyond what any other comedian could ever say. Even though he unfortunately passed away too soon the brief career he had has a whole hell of a lot more importance than what George Carlin or Richard Pryor or any other comedian has ever said or done.
    Love ya Bill, hope to see you on the other side of the netherword of the afterlife

    Your biggest fan,

  21. first seen him when i was 25 in glasgow at small venue.. the funniest night of my life.. but the things he said then are still the burning issues we encounter today always had his finger on the pulse..oh an my kids love him to.. he is not going away

  22. Wow. So glad to hear about this movie. I can NOT wait to see it. Greatest fucking comedian ever…bottom line. It does my heart good to see others recognizing Bills work as well. Maybe one day the message will be heard by the masses.

    Peace and Love

  23. Bill was, and still is, THE funniest comedian to ever grace the stage. I saw him numerous times in Houston at The Comedy Workshop, Laugh Stop, and at the Alley Theater. His words resonate clearly in my mind still to this day. They were timeless..
    Bill wasn’t afraid to tell it like he saw it…take for instance his “Kennedy Assasination: The Magic Bullet” bit…I saw some footage of him telling that bit to an audience in Boston and when he got to the Jesus part “is this lamb stale? Talk about shelf life! Oh, FUCK your lord!” part, he completely LOST the audience! He didn’t stop though….he kept on going…not able to get one wimper from the crowd! That’s a true sign of a man who believes in what he’s preaching!
    Happy Birthday, Bill….LOVE YOU!
    P.S…STEVE, Please re-post the videos!!!!

  24. its amazing to know bill hicks’ influence is reaching so many people, for many years i thought it was just me and a few of my former college buddies.
    i think bill hicks’ day is here again, his message is as loud as ever and people are starting to really get into him, even more, some of the people listening to him are starting to wake up for the first time in their lives, squeegee their third eyes and take a good hard solid look at the earth for what it really is, hate it, love it, and laugh about it.
    i’ve noticed in the seattle area theres alot of up and coming comedians that are starting to get it and starting to continue a legacy that is starting pick up pace down the mountain and bill hicks legacy may really be seen in the generations to come

    RIP Bill Hicks you will always be loved

  25. yes Zappa, Hicks, Bukowski and Cobain a hell of a year..

  26. 1994 was a tough year; we lost Zappa and Bill Hicks, two of the most dangerous truth tellers ever. I sure miss them both.

    Thanks for the rare clips; it’s been a while since I’ve seen some new material. I hope the movie turns on a whole new generation to the Hicks canon.

  27. Bill Hicks
    Second best comic ever next to Carrot top.

    Even his clean stuff on letterman was a million times stronger than the farts that come out of most mainstream boring comics mouths. Suckers of …………

    Bill Hicks was an alien!

    I didn’t capitalize lettermans name on purpose

  28. Bill tearing it up on “Wolves Know It”…awesome performance!!!

    This and the Randy Rhoads doc are the two movies I’m most looking forward to in the near future. Two of my biggest heros. Fucking right on Bill, so much of your shit was ahead of its time. Wish you were still here to provide some gut-laughs when we need it the most. Peace, out.

  29. Steve,
    Thank you for sharing these clips. I hope your family is finding comfort as time passes – and that the world continues to discover the decent, loving message within your brother’s brilliant comedy.

  30. When i was on tours with my band, we did not listen to much music, we listened to Much BILL. He got us through Summer Heat and Sleep Deprivation. He made us cry with laughter and think about why it mattered to think about what you laugh about. I still do, maybe more than ever. I cannot help but wonder how Bill would accept the fame of Billy Ray Cyrus’ Little Girl while Billy Ray walks the Earth with Michael Bolton. I sure do wish he was here to know how much he continues to be appreciated. Thankfully, His Voice is still alive and i look forward to seeing the film someday. Thank You In Advance for doing it.

  31. I was profoundly affected by this man’s life work. The truths he was able to convey through his comedy were mind-altering. The courage to stand in front and up to (sometimes against) an audience with the ability to still speak ones truth was inspiring. I’m glad for his continued recognition. He worked hard for it. Love you Bill.

  32. Thank you Bill, for everything you’ve done for me and everything you continue to do to make my life easier and the World a better place to live.

    The King is Dead,
    Long Live the King.

  33. Thank god Bill was here to show me what the world is REALLY like.
    For me he wasn’t just a phenomenal comedian, but a personal hero.

    Cheers Bill. Believe me the world needs you more than ever now, and hopefully this film will show the world what a brilliant guy you was.

  34. There can be family members, or friends that you lose in life, and feel a genuine loss – but Bill Hicks seems to be one of those people that it actually feels a huge loss to everyone.

    Wish he was still here.

  35. I will make sure that I pass on Bills wisdom to my kids, and thier kids kids before I leave this fucken planet. Keeping hope alive is what its all about for me… Ever since I heard Bill Hicks when I was 17… I aced all my courses in High School and walked out and said Fuck You people (to all the superfical brainwashed creeps who think tehy’re so fucken important)… Listening to Bill made me realize just how far down the devil’s deep end we’ve gotten ourselves stuck. And this motherfucker aint thinking about taking a shit anytime soon, and so I politely exited myself and fuck it there’s no way am lookin back…

  36. Bill changed my life. And I’m forever grateful for his boldness and integrity.

  37. Bill is the best comedian that ever lived in the United States. But he also was far more than a comedian he was a visionary a person who really understood what life actually means and be able to show the hypocrocy of our western society that unfortunately still is going on.

  38. A friend of mine told me to watch his shows, last november. From that moment, my perception of the world changed and lots of useless thought went right off my mind. Sadly, here in Italy he’s not that famous, but I’ve made my part and told my friends to watch him. I also made a tribute to this great man, on Youtube. He is a great inspiration to me and his words will never pass away.
    Grazie Bill.

  39. Caught in a world where the few partition us from the truth, and a universe that desperatley wants us to understand, Bill helped me through the door between.

    Love all the people.

  40. I just discovered the great Bill Hicks this year, thanks to the Letterman show in January, and have been unable to tear myself away from his work. I’ve shared his work with dozens of friends… bright people, from artists to professors to writers to business people, who had never heard of him either. They too have become fans. He is the elixir to the wounds on my brain that had been so scarred and callused over the years, when I didn’t even know I was “sick”. I very clearly remember the moment his words sunk in and ripped to the heart of some very personal issues that were destroying me. Now my third eye is squeegied quite cleanly. Thank you sir.

  41. American Fucking Hero

  42. Best comedian i have ever heard.
    you inspire me to levels i could never have imagined.

  43. It is such a shame that he was so under apprecaited in America. We need more people to pick up where he left off. We need more people to create awareness for such an amazing human being. I hope this film will do him justice and will gain more followers. If he were still alive today we would be more closer to a revolution than ever. Could you imagine the things he would say about the last 8 years of Bush? And Rush? He was so ahead of his time, it saddens me to see that his life ended so terribly early. I will do my part to make sure he never goes forgotten, and introduce him up to anyone who is willing to listen. You saved my life Bill, if only half of the people in the world were as courageous as you. The world would’ve been such a better place.

  44. Thank you, Bill, from the very depths of my little, black, smokers heart, for all that you have given me. You are truly immortal. We need your love, laughter, and truth more than ever.

  45. My fucking hero. What an inspiration! Thank you Bill, for squeegying my third eye!

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