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  1. If I knew of him sooner I would have followed him insightful and funny and right about everything . The Bradbury of comedy.. with depth and compassion and angst and such a funnybone! Makes me have a little more faith in humanity when I think of him. Thanks Billy.

  2. This film manages to do what many films don’t, produce an emotion that lingers long after you watch it. I tip my hat to the filmmakers and most of all to the great Bill Hicks, A true citizen of the world (who happens to be an American)

  3. Watching this documentary is like taking a heavy dose of psylocibe cause you know ur gonna love it, it’ll keep you thinking to the end & you’ll get so much from it that you won’t need to do it again for a long time. The perfect dose of Bill god bless his soul. He said what we wanted to but couldn’t find the words ourselves. A true citizen of planet earth.

  4. I really appreciate this incredible documentary. Being one year older than Mr Hicks I had never heard of him until seeing his name on a Tool album liner and googled him. It is mindblowing to imagine his brilliance in the real goings on in America and the world back in the the timeframe he was communicating these ideas! People are only now just beginning to get it all these years later. What a brilliant and blessed pioneer of independence and freedom. KUdos for the most excellent presentation!

  5. thanks for making this movie

    its such a shame there will be no new material from bill, but so awesome that all the unseen bits and pieces in this doco have resurfaced along with a fresh perspective from his friends

    fairly sure he’s with us in spirit, his spirit unquestionably left an indelible mark on mine at least :)

  6. The movie was amazing.
    I wish I’d met Bill Hicks.
    And I wish I’d heard of him before I was 19, life is a piece of cake now.

  7. he put me on the right path to a good in a billion.thanks

  8. Bill was an all time great. So tragic he had to leave so soon

  9. There are always people guiding us to go on the right path. Spirituous guides that allow us to open ourselves to a whole new world, to feel more, to understand more. Sometimes that’s difficult because you also get to see all of the horrible things that keep happening now a days, people killing each other for no reason, it seems that people have lost faith in society and kindness. Bill was and will be my guide, forever. His words have touched me like only a few other brilliant minds could before. We shared the love for literature, for music, for comedy, and for love itself.
    Thank you so much, Bill. I really do hope you’re resting in peace.

  10. Could anyone tell me the name of the song in the credits of the movie? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  11. An absolutely amazing story about an amazing man! I hope that American gets nominated for an Academy Award!

  12. Watched this again last night. I had to buy it. I got in on Bill after he was already gone. But I do my damndest to spread the word about him!!! I would have loved to have met him. He helped to open my eyes to the world!!

    The little piece I did on him for my blog is the second most viewed thing I’ve done.

  13. Just seen the film on BBC4. Well done on making such a moving and creative piece. It’s inspired me to do more – to shout out for the need to see with the eyes of love. Now more than ever. That’s such a brilliant quote, I’ve liked it for a while but it means more to see footage of Bill actually saying it. I was lucky enough to meet Bill in the early 90s when I worked on a TV comedy show. I wish I’d talked to him properly but I was hungover that day! What on earth would he say about the stuff that’s happening these days? Thanks again.

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