Given the fact Bill Hicks was much more celebrated in the UK than he was at home, it is perhaps fitting that it’s British filmmakers Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas who step up to pay him his dues. Cleverly shunning a conventional talking-heads approach, American: The Bill Hicks Story uses an innovative animation technique, some rare and previously unseen performance footage, and testimonies only from the people who knew him best, his family and close friends, to create a deeply perceptive, fittingly honest celebration of the man occasionally known as Goatboy….this is as complete and definitive a biography as there is available. The frequent stand-up clips serve to illustrate why Hicks remains so revered and relevant: he was so funny, so fearless and always right.” Michael Hayden, London Film Festival

The directors do what a good bio-doc should: it makes you a fan of the subject if you weren’t before. And if you knew of Bill Hicks before, you are gonna fall apart for this. The contradiction that is Bill Hicks starts to make sense in this inventive and daring doc. Like Bill Hicks’ comedy, this is one of the few great docs for 2010 that has balls. Hicks is one of the greats  -  so I was incredibly relieved to see that this fitting homage to a legend does not, in any way, suck.”  
Hussain Currimbhoy, Sheffield International Documentary Festival