USA release dates for AMERICAN The Bill Hicks Story, which opens in New York on April 8th 2011

New York, NY Cinema Village April 8th 2011 Book
Los Angeles, CA Laemmle Sunset 5 April 15th 2011 Book
Denton, TX Dan’s Silver Leaf April 13th 2011 Book
Seattle, WA Grand Illusion April 15th 2011 Book
Portland, OR Hollywood Theater April 15th 2011 Book
Austin, TX Alamo Drafthouse Lamar April 22nd 2011 Book
Dallas, TX Texas Theater April 22nd 2011 Book
Peoria, IL Poeria Theater April 22nd 2011 Book
Houston, TX Drafthouse West Oaks April 22nd 2011 Book
Portland, ME Space Gallery April 27th 2011 Book
Chicago, IL Gene Siskel Center April 29th 2011 Book
Phoenix, AZ Madcap Theater April 30th 2011 Book
Nashville, TN Belcourt Theater May 4th 2011 Book
Detroit, MI Burton Theater May 6th 2011 Book
Duluth, ML Zinema 2 May 6th 2011 Book
Pittsburgh, MA Harris Theater May 9th 2011 Book
Gloucester, MA Cape Ann Theater May 24th 2011 Book

CANADA release dates launching in Toronto on April 15th.

Toronto, ON The Royal April 15th 2011 Book
Ottawa Mayfair Theater April 22nd 2011 Book
Calgary Uptown Stage&Screen April 22nd 2011 Book
Vancouver Vancity Theater April 29th 2011 Book
Edmonton Metro Cinema, Citadel Theatre April 29th 2011 Book

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  1. i was lucky enough to see bill open up at rockerfellers houston for bonnie raitt never laughed so hard before or since ill never forget that night thants bill wish you were still here

  2. ALL Americans need to hear and see the message this man brought to the world. After hearing him on a CD I became obsessed and got every CD , DVD and book I could get about him. The observations he made about the Iraq war under President George Bush chillingly the same under President George W Bush, even though he had already died from cancer. I feel he was a prophet who came with a message from the Divine Source only to be silenced because the majority of people in this country are in denial; comfortably living a lie or as Bill said (not quoting him) I believe the puppet on the right, I believe the puppet on the left…hey whose the guy in the middle…Shut up America !Drink beer, get fat and watch the Love Connection.
    Bill Hick’s message needs to be heard. Please bring this film to Albuquerque, New Mexico

  3. PLEASE bring this wonderful film to Atlanta, GA. I want to take my family and friends to introduce them to the wonderful human being that was William Melvin Hicks.

  4. bring it to the Boston, MA area PLEASE!!!!!!

  5. Please bring this movie to Philadelphia

  6. Wisconsin…please?

  7. Why is this movie not coming to Atlanta? There are plenty of places for this movie to be shown and make some money

  8. I’m going have to wait for the dvd or if it goes wider is release here in the States. :(

  9. I was fortunate to have been able to go see Bill Hicks live, performing in Austin Tx many many years ago…..loved him and TRIED to bring folks to his performances….but no surprise, Bill was waaaay a head of those times….(80s) and the majority of the citizens. Perhaps the rebound will happen once this film is seen and known everywhere else in the world. He was pure genius. He and his perspective is deeply missed and leaves a great black hole in awareness and comprehension.
    Can recommend the perfect venue for this film in Albuquerque New Mexico ifyou are compiling a list of theaters to run this film in future! Pls contact

  10. I discovered Bill Hicks’ humor a little over five years ago. Everything he said was current, urgent, fresh. Since then, I have been watching for contemporary comedians who work that side of the stage, so to speak. I want to be wrong, but I’m not seeing anyone. This film needs to be brought to the USA (What’s left of it?). Start with the college campuses. We need a comedic revolution. Hicks is gone. Pryor is gone. Carlin is gone. Stanhope is nihilistic. He doesn’t have the sense of hope with which Bill imbued his comedy. This film might inspire future court jesters.

  11. This movie should be displayed in every cinema in the united states and it should be promoted in a commercial ad perhaps espn/cnn/msnbc/fox/USA TODAY/ THE WASHINGTON POST/ WALLSTREET/ AND BILL HICKS SHOULD BE ON THE COVER OF ROLLING STONE PREMEIRING THE RELEASE OF THIS MOVIE. I KNOW that if I were allowed to promote this movie and had the names and numbers to everyone I need to know from espn to Rolling Stone Magazine, this would crush MTV JACKASS THE MOVIE historical box record money earnings by the millions, and there’s alot of irony to be said about all of that. So I would love to hear why this wouldnt be done????? I live in cincinnati, OH myspace name is coxycool

  12. Australian release?!

    The session at the Sydney Underground Film Festival has sold out, theirs definitely interest to warrant a limited Australian release.

  13. Denmark. Bring it to the rotten state. We need it, you got it, 500 chanels of it. Give us the American, give us the gladiator, give us Bill.
    You are free to do as we tell you.

  14. I agree, PLEASE release this in Canada and the US!! I would love to see it!

  15. Desperate to see this movie, can’t find it anywhere, is it out on DVD?

  16. [...] UK Release Dates [...]

  17. movie title “American” from an American comedian…whats with all the UK dates first?
    USA hello

  18. [...] UK Release Dates [...]

  19. … still trying to book but the page error on curzon site persist, asked to the cinema, no answer.. someoelse tried to book?

  20. Release it in Canada/USA please! Bill still has a fan-base here. If not, he very well could! :)

  21. When can i see the film in the ITALY.?

  22. For a strange “case” :D DDD i’ll be in London exactly from 13may, i’m trying to book the tickets but the website of Curzon cinema give me an error, anyone else tried?

  23. hey just asking when will times for the manchester showings be released?

  24. Thanks for the info. Can you email this to people closer to the date?

    It will be nice to get this released in the country that showed the love to Bill.

    Definitely a man who burned twice as bright, and half as long; but gave enlightenment and joy to me for my entire life.

  25. Thanks so much for making this film about a wise & funny man. Bill is still so accurate with his observations, which is a bit scary, like we should have listened harder to him the first time, or something.
    A closeted bunch of misanthropes are waiting, with bated & yet cynical, breath, for the Manchester screening.

  26. When can i see the film in the U.S.?

  27. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Manchester is a 3 hour drive from us but if that’s the closest place we can go to see this we will be there with bells on! Thank you :)

  28. Get in guys! Well done. Finally a UK release after all those years of hard work. You can come out of the dungeon now , stop eating mouse droppings and come play in the sun again.

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